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A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman.

About The Roommate

She’s cute. She’s loyal. She’s psychotic. And, unfortunately for college freshman Sara (Minka Kelly) she’s THE ROOMMATE. When Sara arrives at school, she finds new romance with Stephen (Cam Gigandet)and forms a fast friendship with her roommate Rebecca (Leighton Meester). What begins as camaraderie soon turns creepy, and Sara comes face-to-face with the terrifying realization that her new best friend is obsessive, unbalanced…and maybe even a killer!


Because what’s a plot without a dash of romance?


Nail-biting story – Enough to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout!


All friendships aren’t how they seem to be….

Psychological thriller 


    Sonny Mallhi


    Irene Yeung, George Flynn


    Roy Lee, Doug Davison


    Christian E. Christiansen

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The Behind The Scenes Process Of The Roommates Movie

It takes a lot of work to complete a movie. The movie has to be cast. Sets have to be built. The scenes have to be shot and edited. We only see a tiny part of the movie-making process. It can be a lot of fun to see how your favorite movies are made. Here’s how you can learn about what went on behind the scenes when The Roommates movie was made.

Read Interviews With People That Worked On The Film

Many of the people that worked on The Roommates have given interviews. If you read some of these interviews, you’ll get a peek into some of the things that took place behind the scenes.

Some of the interviews out there are short, while other interviews are a lot longer. No matter what interviews you wind up reading, you’ll learn something new from them. Even if you already love this moving, reading the right interviews could make you a bigger fan.

Look For Behind The Scenes Footage

It can be fun to read about what went on behind the scenes during The Roommates, but you can learn even more if you have the opportunity to see some of these things for yourself. Seek out behind the scenes footage from this movie. Try to watch any footage that you come across.

Whether you watch a brief clip or a longer piece of footage, you’ll enjoy watching the footage that you find. When you watch this footage, you’ll have the opportunity to see this movie from a different perspective. You’ve watched the movie as it was meant to be watched, but you haven’t seen what the crew members saw.

Reach Out To People That Worked On This Movie And Ask Them Some Questions

A lot of the people that worked on The Roommates are willing to talk to fans of the film. Look for email addresses for people that were a part of this movie. Try to find actors and crew members on social media. Once you’ve found a way to get in touch with them, you should send them a message. See if they can answer some of your questions. If you own a blog or a YouTube channel, you might even want to ask them if they’d be willing to do an interview with you.

If you’re curious about a specific part of the movie, this is a fantastic way for you to get the information that you’re interested in. When you speak with cast and crew members directly, you’ll have the chance to ask them anything that you would like to ask. The answers they give you should be very informative. Speaking to people that worked on a film can teach you a lot about the movie-making process.

If you’re a fan of The Roommates movie, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at the things that went on behind the scenes. A lot of people worked hard to bring this movie to life. You’ll have a deeper appreciation for this movie if you learn more about how it was created.

The Roommate Movie Box Office Totals Overview

There is a movie by the name of The Roommate that came out in 2011. It is one of the better psychological thrillers that has been released in decades. It involves a college girl by the name of Sara who has a roommate named Rebecca. The story revolves around how the roommate, Rebecca, becomes obsessed with Sarah. During the movie, Rebecca is involved in many different fiascoes including kidnapping and murder. The story ends with Sara stabbing Rebecca in an attempt to defend yourself, and the movie ends with her stating that she does not want to have a roommate for a while.

What Is The Main Focus Of The Plot?

Similar to most psychological thrillers, there is always going to be a protagonist and an antagonist. In this particular case, the protagonist was Sara, and the antagonist was Rebecca. The movie progressed from scene to scene, trying to build up the tension. There were many different scenes that attempted to do this including Rebecca kidnapping and tying up Irene, and when she murdered Cuddles the cat by placing it in a dryer. There were other moments, including when Rebecca decided to seduce Prof. Roberts, or when she got a tattoo on her breast imitating what Sara had done to commemorate the death of her sister. However, despite these points of interest in the movie, there was no flow. There was also no way of connecting emotionally to the audience because of how the director seemed to move from scene to scene without establishing any form of coherency.

What Were The Box Office Totals For This Movie?

When this movie was released in February 2011, it earned only $37 million domestically. It earned an additional $3 million overseas, bringing the total to just over $40 million. The budget for the movie itself was $16 million, showing that it did make a profit.

Why Were The Box Office Totals So Low?

Although the storyline seems to be one that would be very exciting, it received one of the lowest scores from critics in history. Although the actors and actresses did their best at portraying their parts, most of the characters were not that memorable. Movies that have a good storyline, and actors that can form an emotional bond with the audience, are the ones that tend to do the best. Part of the reason could be the inexperience of the actors and actresses that were portraying the roles, but most of the comments about this movie simply state that the movie itself was not a thriller at all and was horribly directed.

Based on these reviews, it is clear why this movie only made a small amount of money. Fortunately, the production of the movie was much lower than what was made, which means it was not a complete and total loss. It is one of these movies that come out from time to time that has great intentions but was simply not able to connect with the audience. Whether it was the story, director, actors, or a combination of the three, it is clear from the box office totals that The Roommate miserably failed.

Everything You Want To Know About The Roommate Movie

If you are interested in entertainment, then you have undoubtedly heard about The Roommate movie. This is a popular suggestion on many different websites, and you are sure to enjoy it should you choose to watch this interesting tale. Fortunately for you, there is a great deal of information you can find about it on the internet so you can see if it is a good fit for your movie night.

One of the first things that you can do is find out who the cast members of the movie are. Go through, focusing on the lead characters at first. Have you seen these people in other films? What was your impression? Are the folks that you haven’t seen before, but are interested in watching? It is important that you are able to relate to the leading actors in a flick if you are going to be able to really enjoy it.

In addition to the main characters, you should take a gander at the support actors. Oftentimes these cast members can have a significant impact on your experiences. Unless it is a cameo shot or a similarly small part, the appearance of these men and women in a film can help to set the tone for the entire movie.

You should also check out the genre and synopsis to further your investigation into the film. Do you enjoy these types of films, or is this outside of your normal comfort zone? Even if it is, you can still find enjoyment in it if you are willing to give something new a try. This is always a good idea so that your mind doesn’t become stagnant.

If there are particular movie reviewers that you trust, take a look at their reviews to find out what they liked and didn’t like. You can also read reviews from others, though you will need to look further into their qualifications to ensure they are giving an unbiased review of the film.

When you are ready to watch it, make sure that you have everything that you need so that you can enjoy it all in one run. Whether you choose to watch the movie alone or with others, you should get your snacks and drinks ready beforehand. This way you will have something to munch on when the movie is playing.

If you are going to invite others to watch the movie with you, make sure that they will enjoy it as well. Nobody wants to be invited to movie night, only to be the odd man out who hates the flick. While that is unlikely with this great movie, it is always a good idea to confirm your movie choices with everyone before you begin ordering your flicks for movie night.

The Roommate movie is a great film, that can be perfect for a night of entertainment. Look further into it to find out if you would like to host your next movie night with this film, some fresh popcorn and delicious beverages that everyone is sure to love!

More About The Roommate Movie Cast

Are you a fan of the movie The Roommate? If you’re a big fan of this film, you might want to learn a little bit more about the cast. Here are a few things you can do if you want to get closer to the cast of this film.

Read And Watch Plenty Of Interviews

The cast members of this movie have given quite a few interviews. When you have the time, you should read and watch some of these interviews. See what you are able to learn from them.

Interviews can be a fantastic source of information. Some interviews are fairly superficial, but other interviews are extremely personal. If you take a closer look at a number of interviews, you’ll be able to discover a variety of things.

Start looking at some of the interviews that the cast members of this movie have given. You don’t have to consume all of the interviews at once; you can just check interviews when you feel like learning more. Eventually, you’ll feel like you’re an expert on the cast of The Roommate!

Follow The Cast On Social Media

Social media makes it possible for you to follow the cast members of your favorite films. Try following some of the cast members of this movie on social media accounts. Try to find every active account that the cast members maintain.

When you follow people on social media, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know them a little bit better. You’ll be able to see snapshots of their everyday life.

In some cases, social media may allow you to interact with actors in a more direct way. Some actors regularly talk to their fans through social media. Don’t be afraid to reach out to the cast members of this movie! See if they are willing to talk to you and answer your questions!

Watch The Other Movies The Cast Members Have Appeared In

The Roommate isn’t the only film that these actors have appeared in. You should start looking at some of the other films that feature the cast members of this movie. See if any of these films appeal to you.

If you’re a fan of the actors in this movie, you will definitely want to look at some of the other work that they appeared in. You may be surprised by how different these actors are in other roles.

You don’t have to watch every movie that the stars of The Roommate appeared in. However, you should try to watch some of their work if it looks interesting. You might also want to look at some of the movies the cast members are going to appear in the future.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that you can do if you want to learn more about The Roommate movie cast. If you’re a fan of this movie, you don’t just have to watch the film over and over. You can try to get a little bit closer to the cast of this film.

The Roommate Movie Nominations

One of the best movies that came out in 2011 was called The Roommate. It was a fun movie, one that involved a couple of girls that were in the movie together. It was designed to be both funny, and also outrageous. It did fairly well at the box office. It was nominated by many different people for certain awards. Most of these were nominations from teens that absolutely love the movie. If you have never heard of this movie before, or if you have never seen it, you really need to consider watching it. Here are some of the roommate to movie nominations that you may be familiar with, or that you will at least understand once you have seen the film.

What Exactly Are Movie Nominations?

There are so many different types of movie nominations in the world today. This would include the Emmys, Oscars, and a multitude of others. In recent times, kids have been able to vote for certain movies. They are able to do so using social media. This is in stark contrast to how things have been done for decades. It is usually the results of a selective group of people making these decisions. Today, it’s all about connecting with people, and this is certainly true with the awards that this particular movie was nominated for.

What Nominations Did It Receive?

The nominations that it has received came from a couple different places. First of all, it received the teen choice award nominations for best drama, actor, scene, actress, and best movie villain. It was also nominated by MTV for having the best villain, and was highly regarded as one of the better teenage-focused movies. The plot focuses on a freshman that has decided to go to college with a roommate. They begin to be friends. However, one of them becomes obsessed with the other, and there are incidents that are unnerving. It is because of all of these crazy things that happened that it’s nominated for these awards. Unfortunately, it only received nominations and did not get the awards.

Was It A Very Popular Movie?

It was a relatively popular movie but not one that was at the top of the box office. There was some controversy in regard to promotional materials that were used focusing on one particular college. The administration of that college said that they did not give any permission for it to be used and most students had mixed feelings about the image and the movie. Overall, it did okay, but it wasn’t considered to be a box office blockbuster even though it was very entertaining.

Although it was nominated for several different movie nominations, The Roommate movie really didn’t do that well. Although it was nominated for several teen choice awards and also movie awards from MTV, it was only nominated without getting any. The nominations are based upon the actresses that played the antagonist and protagonist of the movie. They did make it very interesting. If it had perhaps used a different setting, or perhaps had more plot twists, it would have been a much better decision which may have made it funnier or more popular with the general masses.

The Roommate Movie Critic Reviews

Are you trying to figure out whether or not you would enjoy The Roommate? If you’re trying to decide whether or not this is a film you’d be interested in, you may want to look at some critic reviews. These are a few of the things you should keep in mind as you read through reviews.

Not Every Critic Has The Same Opinions

You’ll notice that some of the reviews of this movie are positive, while other reviews are negative. Not everyone that reviews this movie is going to have the same thoughts of opinions. You’ll have to look at a range of reviews if you want to see what the consensus is.

You shouldn’t give too much weight to anyone review that you read. If one review is negative, you shouldn’t write the movie off. Try to look at a variety of reviews before you make any decisions.

Find Critics That Have The Same Taste As You

Look closely at some of the critics that talked about this movie. Don’t just focus on what they thought about The Roommate. See what they had to say about some of the other movies they reviewed.

If a critic loved The Roommate, and they loved some of your favorite films, that’s a very positive sign. By the same token, if someone gave a negative review to The Roommate, but that someone also gave a negative review to a film you enjoyed, you’ll know not to trust their opinion.

Be Wary Of Spoilers

Some critics are very careful when talking about films. They go to great lengths to avoid giving anything away in their reviews. Other critics aren’t at all cautious about this sort of thing. They may drop a major spoiler in the middle of their review.

If you want to make sure you are unspoiled when you sit down to watch The Roommate, you’ll want to avoid looking at reviews too closely. Instead, you should focus on the scores that reviewers have given the movie. You should be able to find quite a few critics that gave the movie a high score.

Use Review Aggregators

If you want to see a number of reviews at once, you should try using review aggregators. These sites collect a number of reviews in one place.

Review aggregators can be helpful in a few ways. To start, these sites make it easy for you to see what critics think of a movie. You’ll be able to see if most of the reviews are positive or negative.

In addition to that, aggregators will allow to find reviews you might not have found otherwise. It’s a lot easier to read multiple reviews when you can find all of those reviews in a single place.

If you’re the sort of person that likes to read reviews before you watch movies, you’ll definitely want to look at The Roommate movie critic reviews. Try to take full advantage of the reviews that are out there. See if this is a movie that you’ll love.

Sinopsis Of The Movie The Roommate

The Roommate is a movie that was released in 2011. It starts Minka Kelly as Sara Matthews, and Leighton Meester as her roommate Rebecca. Here is a full synopsis of the roommate movie.

The Roommate is a psychological thriller in which Rebecca becomes obsessed with Sara. The film starts with Sara getting adjusted to being a Freshman in college. Sara meets Tracy, who becomes her new friend, Stephen, her new love interest, and her roommate Rebecca.

Rebecca earns Sara’s confidence when she learns that Sara’s sister, Emily, died when Sara was just nine years old. The girls also bond over how annoying Sara’s ex-boyfriend Jason is. Jason calls Sara repeatedly, and can’t seem to let her go.

As the bond between Sara and Rebecca grows, Rebecca gets jealous of Tracy and Sara’s friendship. In a jealous rage, Rebecca attacks Tracy violently in the shower. During the fight she pulls out Tracy’s belly button ring, and threatens to murder Tracy should she not leave Sara alone.

Tracy decides to move into another dorm in order to get away from Rebecca. Sara is invited to live with a lesbian character named Irene. At Irene’s, Sara is able to bring her cat Cuddles. To get back at Sara for abandoning her, Rebecca kills Cuddles by throwing her in the dryer.

To cover up the killing of Cuddles, Rebecca lies to Sara and tells her that Cuddles got outside. To make Sara feel sorry for her, Rebecca pretends that she is beaten up by an assailant. Sara cancels her plans and spends time with Rebecca for Thanksgiving.

Sara finds out that Rebecca is on medication and is a schizophrenic, as well as bipolar. She is shocked to learn that Rebecca has not been taking the pills.

Irene invites Sara to move in with her, and Sara accepts for her own safety. Irene goes out partying and meets Rebecca at a club. The two women make out passionately, and Irene goes home with Rebecca. Sara is worried when Irene does not come back the next day to the apartment.

Sara finds out that Rebecca has the exact same tattoo of her sister’s name right under her right breast. This confirms to Sara that Rebecca is obsessed with her.

To enact vengeance, Rebecca dies her hair like Sara and lures Jason to her room. Jason wanted to talk with Sara, and is instead stabbed to death by Rebecca.

The thrilling climax of The Roommate movie ends with Sara getting a text from Irene begging for help. She finds Irene bound and gagged, and held hostage by Rebecca, who is brandishing a gun. Rebecca admits to Sara that she killed Jason and Cuddles in the hopes to have Sara all to herself.

Just as Rebecca is about to shoot Irene, Stephen enters the room and stops the shooting. In the scuffle, Sara aims the gun at Rebecca and attempts to shoot. No bullets fire as Rebecca attempts to strangle Sara. At the last possible second, Sara finds a boxcutter and stabs Rebecca in the back to death.

The Roommate is a psychological thriller about a jealous girl who failed to take her medication. She ends up turning everyone’s world upside down.

The Plot for the Roommate Movie

Sara Matthews (Minka Kelly) is starting her freshman year of college. She meets Tracy (Aly Michalka), Stephen (Cam Gigandet) – her love interest, and Rebecca (Leighton Meester) – her college roommate. The girls begin to bond and Rebecca learns that Sara had an older sister, Emily, who died when Sara was nine, and an ex-boyfriend, Jason (Matt Lanter), who keeps calling her in attempts to reconcile. As time goes on, Rebecca’s obsession with Sara grows, which causes her to drive away anyone who could come between them.

Rebecca attacks Tracy in the shower, pinning her down and ripping out her belly-button ring, and says that she is a bad influence on Sara and threatens to kill Tracy unless she stays away from Sara. Tracy moves to another dorm, fearful of Rebecca. An old friend of Sara’s named Irene (Danneel Harris), who is a lesbian, invites Sara to move in with her when Sara’s cat Cuddles is discovered. Rebecca then kills Cuddles by putting her in the dryer and lies to Sara that the cat ran away. Rebecca then inflicts injuries upon herself and says she was assaulted by a thug. Sara feels bad for her and decides to spend the Thanksgiving with Rebecca. When Sara’s philandering fashion design professor, Roberts (Billy Zane), kisses her, Rebecca plans to get the professor out of the picture by seducing him while recording their dialogue on a tape recorder to make it sound like he was trying to rape her.

During her stay, Sara overhears a conversation between Rebecca and her father (Tomas Arana), hinting Rebecca has had trouble making friends in the past. Rebecca’s mother (Frances Fisher) mentions that Rebecca is supposed to be taking medication. She and Stephen later find a bottle of Zyprexa pills, used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. The bottle is full, implying that Rebecca has not been taking the pills. Sara, worried about what would happen, decides to move in with Irene. Irene goes to a club where she sees Rebecca. They kiss passionately in the club’s bathroom and Irene, not knowing that Rebecca is Sara’s roommate, takes Rebecca back to her place. The following morning, Sara goes to Irene’s apartment but she is not there.

Rebecca gets Sara’s sister’s name tattooed in the same place on her breast as Sara, saying that Sara can now think of Rebecca as her sister. A shocked Sara realizes that Rebecca is obsessed with her and packs all her things, except her sister’s necklace, which she cannot find (the necklace had been stolen by Rebecca). Jason arrives at Sara’s dorm and slips a note under her door, saying that he wants to see her. Rebecca reads the note, impersonates Sara with her sister’s necklace and tattoo, and dyes her hair to look like Sara. She then goes to Jason’s hotel room and stabs him to death.

Later, Sara gets a text from Irene, saying she needs her right away. Sara informs Stephen she will be at Irene’s place. When she gets there, she finds Irene gagged with her arms spread and each of her wrists handcuffed to each end of her bedpost while being held hostage by Rebecca with a revolver. Rebecca reveals that she was responsible for what happened to Tracy, Cuddles, Professor Roberts, and Jason and that she did it all to win Sara’s friendship. Rebecca wants to kill Irene in order to finally have Sara all to herself. Stephen arrives just in time to help stop Rebecca from pulling the trigger on Irene. Sara reaches for the revolver to shoot Rebecca, however, the cartridge is empty. Enraged, Rebecca attacks Sara and tries to strangle her, but Sara stabs Rebecca in the back with a boxcutter, killing her. Sara moves back into her dorm and moves the extra bed out of her room with the help of her boyfriend Stephen, proclaiming that she does not want a roommate for a while.

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